Oct 26, 2017

Senior ordering sessions

I have three senior ordering sessions next week and I cannot wait! Looking forward to hearing what everything thinks about their photos and products is always the best part. 

If you want to know more about setting up a photo session with me please check out my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com or call me 913.731.0148 TODAY! 

DO you get my emails???

I always update my email list in the middle of December... if you want to be added to receive emails... it is pretty simple. I try to keep everyone informed on my blog and facebook but sometimes I send special offers via email only. You don't want to miss out on those do you?? 

Please go to my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com and click on CONTACT. I am looking forward to finishing up this year and adding new emails to the list. Hope you are having an awesome week!! 

Oct 25, 2017


My Santa mini booked in August and I LOVE THAT... but I really hate that I have to tell people that I don't have space to book more Christmas Photos... this year I am going with "buffalo plaid" decor >> with some sparkle and I am inviting all of my Santa guests into my home to pose around my fireplace. It is going to be magical...

BUT for all you outdoor woodsy type... wouldn't you love some awesome photos of YOU enjoying time with your family around a CAMPFIRE?? Making smores and having the time of your life with the most important people to you... it is going to be amazing and I want you to have the opportunity to do this with NO STRESS.

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! Call me today to book your spot and hear more details. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

Oct 22, 2017

HIGH SCHOOL Junior and Sophomores!!

I have a wonderful idea and I am looking for some high school-ers to help me out. Sophomores and Juniors please go to my website, click on CONTACT and send me a message if you would be interested in my newest project. This is going to be sooo much fun. If you have a FACEBOOK go LIKE Paparazzi Photography follow the page >>> I will post updates on my most recent photo sessions.

Oct 19, 2017

Newborn Photography

Did you know that I have a studio located only 45 minute south of Overland Park... and not only will I treat you like part of the family when you get here, you will also have amazing photos of your new little bundle of joy that blow you away. I will capture all the tiny things, the newness of your little baby that will soon fade away as the days pass.

I would love to set up a time to talk and get to know each other... see if I would be the right photographer to cuddle your sweet tiny baby and create lasting art that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The best time to talk about your newborn session is before you are 30 weeks pregnant so we can plan all the details. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Oct 17, 2017

Up close...

Hi Friend!
Thank you for clicking your way over here to learn a bit about me! I hope for you to get acquainted and possibly learn a thing or two about me!
I am what some would call an aspiring individual. I absolutely love photography and all it has done for me as a person. I have such a love for the art, I feel like I will be working to grow in my craft always.
I am from somewhat of a small town in Kansas and live what most would consider a modest life. I love what I do, but above all love my family. I spend most of my free time (what free time, right?) taking my three children to sporting activities after school and spending time with my husband. I am the epitome of a homebody, but I love to explore and get a major case of wanderlust if I go to long exploring new adventures in the city.
I am passionate, an endless optimist and  maybe a bit sensitive too. My lifestyle, my journey as a wife and mother has truly taken me to new heights in my never ending journey as a photographer. Much of my work for the time being centers around the core of my very own being, my children. It is one reason I chose to specialize in mostly babies  and families. There is nothing I would love more to capture the true essence and special bond between a family, or provide a special keepsake for an individual as I realize that our children grow wings and fly before we are all really to ready to let them go. I hope you choose to allow me the privilege of you documenting that which is most special to you. Your own family.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Oct 16, 2017


It is not too late to get your SENIOR portraits! Call me asap to set up a time to chat and make sure you have the best photos to represent the end of a wonderful chapter in your life. Customized photography for each session! My goal is to photograph your personality! We always have a great time. 913.731.0148 www.photosbypaparazzi.com

Oct 13, 2017

Maternity Sessions

This is your last time just being husband and wife. The last professional photo session before your life changes completely. Everyone has advice on what to expect when your little one gets here, how much your life will change, how your focus will be from you to them... the magic of that sweet baby in your tummy is so wonderful. If you are thinking about having your maternity photos taken please call me... no obligation what so ever... I just want to sit down with you and chat about all the love you have for this little one before they get here. 913.731.0148

The Given Family

Fall Family Mini Sessions are so much fun... twenty minutes and dad is done! Hehe well in most cases Dad is ready for me to put down the camera before the rest of the family. Shannon is used to me taking their photos every year (thank goodness) plus this family is full of love and make my job so easy. Just documenting the changes over the years will be appreciated by these kiddos when they are older... Jett has braces! Emerald hasn't aged in 20 years and Scarlet... well you see what I am talking about, right? So blessed to have loyal clients that allow me to capture them year after year.

Call me today 913.731.0148 so we can start your journey in front of my lens!

Oct 10, 2017

I only need you.

I see it all the time. Almost every session in fact.

A two year old has a melt down. A child isn't behaving exactly as they normally do or maybe how Dad or Mom was expecting them to for the sake of family photos. Mom gives me that apologetic glance. The heat of shame creeps up her face and then the awkward pause. I fall over myself to reassure. But that reassurance is genuine. If I could impart any sage advice at all here, it would be ALL kids have their days, their minutes, those moments... Including Mine.

And Yes, we get family photos too. I get it guys. Family sessions can be high pressure. The styling and arranging outfits alone is enough to make a Mama nutty.

But my sweet families. Can I share something with you? Maybe something that might put you just at ease-- I hope.

My family sessions are anything but typical. But why should they be?? My families aren't typical either. I appreciate each one for what and who they are.

There is no real expectation in the way of behavior or even personality. I want all of you-- whatever it may be in that moment. Kids are kids. Things happen. We are building a new relationship on our day. There isn't a miracle cure, only a little bit of time. I'm not just after your "poses." I am after your moments. 

Sometimes we hike, we always chat, the kids explore, and instead of my families being expected to sit and smile on demand... I am looking deeper. I want you to interact with your children. I need genuine moments--even if just fleeting. I can be quick if necessary, but there is nothing more beautiful than a Mama that will let her guard down and trust me. 

Because when that happens-- MAGIC happens.

It's give and take I confess. We both give, we both come away with something genuinely special.

And yes, at some point all parents try not to come unglued as their kids play in mud and schlep sticks and have the occasional melt down. It isn't always easy. It is always worth it. Sometimes kids tumble, or someone isn't in the mood *cough Dad*, but I don't need perfection.

I only need you.

I need you to come and be just who you are. Your imperfection is beautiful. I am inspired by it.

And each time you come back-- the kids know me a little better, you know what to expect. It gets that much easier for all of us. I promise.

Let me come and bear witness for you. 

We are all only human. Your humanity is beautiful.

Please Call me to set up a time to chat... 913.731.0148