Jun 28, 2010

{Paparazzi BABY Contest}

This contest has lasted for an entire month and we have very faithful voters! Just a few days left of voting and the WINNER will be announced on this blog August 15th ~ Vote by leaving a comment on the picture of the baby you want to win on our FACEBOOK page... or send an email to paparazzi_photo@yahoo.com in the subject line write BABY CONTEST: {name of the baby} ~ it is as simple as that!!

Jun 23, 2010

Jun 17, 2010


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Jun 12, 2010

Jun 1, 2010


Thank you again to everyone who submitted a snapshot of their baby!! This is the first annual Paparazzi Baby Contest.

Voting is simple and will last for 4 weeks… allowing friends and family to vote on who they think is the next PAPARAZZI BABY. We will announce the winner on August 15th. The PAPARAZZI BABY CONTEST WINNER will receive a FREE Photo Session (value of $50) and $30 in prints.

Three ways to VOTE:

1. Send an email to paparazzi_photo@yahoo.com with baby's name in the subject line (ie: PHOTO CONTEST: JOHN DOE) Limit to one email per day from each email account.

2. Vote on FACEBOOK by leaving a comment - Limit one comment per day from your fb account (we will clear the comments each night at 5pm)

3. On this blog
- vote on our poll http://www.paparazziphotos.blogspot.com/

Voting only lasts four weeks... tell everyone who has access to a computer to help VOTE for your baby to be the next PAPARAZZI BABY CONTEST WINNER!!