Sep 23, 2015

Cameron is a teen.

Proofs will be ready tomorrow afternoon... here are a few sneak peeks!!

Hello Fall.

Well even though I have't been posting much I have been very busy. Sending out goodies in the mail and updating our email and address books. Santa Mini sessions deposits were due last week and I still have three people who have yet to pay so emails are going out soon. If you are interested in booking a session please contact me via email and see if one of the dates open on the November calendar will work for you :) thanks again for loving what I do.

Yea and GO JAYHAWKS!! >> totally in football mode and sorta random with updates <<

Have a great rest of your week and THANK YOU again. Sneak Peeks coming soon!!!


Have you coached?

This is my husbands fourth year coaching my sons football team, but it is his first year as head coach... and me being head coaches wife I have to step up and offer these kids some cool stuff to remember fifth and sixth grade football right??? Well here is an example of the magazine design and I am thinking about offering trading cards too :)

I sure hope these boys are having as much fun as the parents are. We had our first home game last night and even though the score read a LOSS we WON!! Parents pulled together and donated money and time to the next two home games. This is going to be a year to remember...

- Proud mama (had to share why I haven't been posting)

Sep 15, 2015

Booking a session

Please send an email to me at and we can start out with an email convo... that could lead to pricing info. I would prefer chatting on the phone or better yet meeting face to face but with everyones busy lives I understand that doesn't always work.

I have been making a few changes here at Paparazzi Photography since selling the studio {and taking the summer off }and I can not wait to get behind the camera again!! With the change of business plan it might seem as if I hardly ever post online anymore :D I am taking it old school and running with it!

Pretty excited about the products I have to offer each and every client!! I have a handful of dates left on the 2015 calendar so if you want to book a session please please please do not wait too long. I hate saying No to new bookings.

Have an awesome week!!

Kadee Willard