Dec 11, 2015

BOOK 2016 NOW!

2016 SCHEDULE: I have really been trying to take in all the little moments with my kids, as well as my awesome husband, and I have decided to limit my sessions in 2016. Photography is my passion and I truly love my job but my kids are growing up too fast and they actually still like hanging out with me so I have to take advantage!!

I have a few sessions booked in January so if you want to get on the schedule for Spring please let me know ASAP. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and trusting me to capture these memories for you. I cherish it more than you will ever know.

~Kadee Willard <3 p="">

Dec 3, 2015

Become a VIP

Its pretty easy... just pre-pay and get 20% off all of your photo sessions in 2016. Simple right?? Limited sessions available and fee must be paid by Christmas. You better hurry... this is AWESOME!

Nov 6, 2015


Because the only way to truly keep a memory is to hold it in your hands... I can not wait to give these guys the rest of their order! Canvas and 8x10s

The Nichols Family

The very first thing Clay said was "Im not going to smile." I guess he was tricking me... we got so many great smiles. I can not wait to show these proofs off. Until then here ya go mom... one of my faves!

Santa Mini Sessions

All of the email confirmations have been sent. Decorating next week and shooting on the 14th!! So excited to see all the kiddos with Santa! We are going with Rustic Sparkle this year.

The Elliott Family

 Sometimes you just need a sucker. 

This family always keeps me on my toes :D 

Nov 5, 2015

Everyone with a DSLR camera is NOT a photographer.

I hear a lot of professional photographers saying that nowadays: “EVERYONE is a photographer.”
And when I hear it, I kind of cringe.
To be sure, there are a lot of pictures being taken. From DSLR’s to camera phones to camera tablets, we are a generation that must photograph everything, even our food. (Guilty. I admit it.)
And that’s great! I am very much in favor of capturing as much of Life as possible. The memories, the times together…we just don’t get that back, and a photograph is the closest we get to reliving it.
But…EVERYONE a photographer? A REAL photographer?
Well, I must respectfully disagree.
Everyone is not a photographer…it’s just, well, most everyone has cameras.
See, I think it all boils down to what, exactly, makes one a "photographer." I know there are folks who argue that if you can hold a camera and press a button and take a picture, then, technically, you’re a photographer. These are the same folks who will argue semantics and whip out a Webster’s Dictionary to prove their case. And I won’t argue with them.
Hey, if you need it, take it.
But I don’t buy into that definition, because if I did, that would utterly and completely diminish what REAL photographers do.
The ownership of an object and/or the ability to perform a simple task does not entitle one to claim a certain status.
If it did, everyone who owns scissors would be a stylist.
Everyone who drives fast would be a race car driver
Everyone who puts flowers in a vase would be a florist
Everyone who gives their pet a bath would be a groomer
Everyone who cooks food would be a chef.
Everyone who owns a piano would be a musician
That argument simply doesn’t make sense.
REAL photographers know what goes into running a business and creating extraordinary images and laugh when they hear it’s "just a click of a button."
They aren't playing at this.
REAL photographers know that there isn’t a fine line between a real photographer and someone playing with a camera; rather, it’s a very very wide line. It’s like a giant moat. And that moat is not filled with alligators, it’s filled with tougher stuff… stuff like:
Attention to detail
Customer service
So go forth, secure in the fact that what you do is NOT done by everyone else.
And to the people who try to diminish what you do by inferring anyone can do what YOU do, let your response be,
“Sure they can…but only a handful do it well.”
For although everyone has a camera, not everyone is a professional photographer.

Oct 20, 2015

Santa Mini

I just have a few things to get before I can start decorating! All of the messages have been sent if I am missing any documents from your file for our Santa Mini on Nov 14th. This is so much fun for me you guys have no idea. I love watching the magic happen each and every photo session... even the crying babies are just so sweet! We are going with Burlap and Lace this year. Neutral and rustic. Same ol' Santa :D so many memories being made. THANK YOU!!! I can not thank you enough for rocking my camera every year! OH HAPPY DAY << I sing that around the house when I get excited! Haha!! Have a great rest of your Tuesday.

The Burch Family

Oct 19, 2015

Joanna and her crew


I am the worst about taking photos and not printing them... CDs after CDs sitting on a shelf with good intentions on looking through them someday. Life is busy and years fly by. My son and first daughter have tons of prints of them as little people but my youngest after the first year most of her stuff is on a digital file (posted online to share of course but not many prints) I went to walmart yesterday and got a photo album (you know with the sticky pages) I filled that bad boy up!! Pretty proud of myself. I sure hope you print your pictures and find time to put them in a book. My kids looooooved looking at themselves last night. Of course there were "how old was I in this one mom?" ... one step at a time wink emoticon Happy Monday guys!! ~Kadee

Oct 15, 2015

Amber and her babies


When you book a photo session with me you are not just getting a quick shoot that I took with my "fancy" camera and images I dumped on a CD in hopes you print them one day. Technology changes and prints are important. Photos are important. I want you to be able to see your beautiful images every day >> even when the power is out or your phone is dead... your grandma wants updated photos of your family not a CD or a USB!! I know there are a lot of hobbiest out there that can shoot and burn your images same day... but that is not how I do things here at Paparazzi Photography :) you book a photo session with me next thing you know I am hanging out at your house hanging pictures on your wall so you can stand back and look at how awesome you are. Book a session for 2016 by sending me an email.  ~Kadee

Oct 10, 2015

Food for thought

It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in a home help boost a child’s sense of identity and create a sense of belonging.
Each time a child walks by a family photo, which is countless times each day, a message is sent—
"You, my dear child, are important. You matter. You have a special place in this world. You are a part of this thing we call family and we love you."
I wonder what they think when they walk by a USB drive?

:) Let me know when you want to book a photo session. 2016 is wide open!! 

Oct 7, 2015

2015 is BOOKED!

I can not wait to start booking SPRING sessions for next year... It is so nice to have the calendar booked and the session fees paid just waiting on their date to shoot. I have got a lot going on over the next two months... mainly family sessions but SANTA IS COMING SOON!!! And that is one of my favorites. I love seeing the magicalness alllll day. Little kids light up when they see Santa :D

This is another random note for me... just excited that the change in pricing, products, and the way I run this business is working out so lovely. Everyone has been awesome and I am working the kinks out... 2016 is going to be amazing so if you want to book a session please... pretty please plan ahead.

Have a great rest of the week and smile a few more times then you usually do... it is contagious.


Sep 23, 2015

Cameron is a teen.

Proofs will be ready tomorrow afternoon... here are a few sneak peeks!!

Hello Fall.

Well even though I have't been posting much I have been very busy. Sending out goodies in the mail and updating our email and address books. Santa Mini sessions deposits were due last week and I still have three people who have yet to pay so emails are going out soon. If you are interested in booking a session please contact me via email and see if one of the dates open on the November calendar will work for you :) thanks again for loving what I do.

Yea and GO JAYHAWKS!! >> totally in football mode and sorta random with updates <<

Have a great rest of your week and THANK YOU again. Sneak Peeks coming soon!!!


Have you coached?

This is my husbands fourth year coaching my sons football team, but it is his first year as head coach... and me being head coaches wife I have to step up and offer these kids some cool stuff to remember fifth and sixth grade football right??? Well here is an example of the magazine design and I am thinking about offering trading cards too :)

I sure hope these boys are having as much fun as the parents are. We had our first home game last night and even though the score read a LOSS we WON!! Parents pulled together and donated money and time to the next two home games. This is going to be a year to remember...

- Proud mama (had to share why I haven't been posting)

Sep 15, 2015

Booking a session

Please send an email to me at and we can start out with an email convo... that could lead to pricing info. I would prefer chatting on the phone or better yet meeting face to face but with everyones busy lives I understand that doesn't always work.

I have been making a few changes here at Paparazzi Photography since selling the studio {and taking the summer off }and I can not wait to get behind the camera again!! With the change of business plan it might seem as if I hardly ever post online anymore :D I am taking it old school and running with it!

Pretty excited about the products I have to offer each and every client!! I have a handful of dates left on the 2015 calendar so if you want to book a session please please please do not wait too long. I hate saying No to new bookings.

Have an awesome week!!

Kadee Willard

Aug 30, 2015

Why you should print your photos...

These ads from CANON are sooooo funny :) hope you think so too! Happy Sunday :D


Aug 20, 2015

Facebook is crazy...

Facebook is hiding a ton of posts again! If you would like to make sure you can see Paparazzi Photography sneak peeks, future incentives, deals or mini session announcements make sure that I pop up in your newsfeed! If you are on your desktop it will look like this. You can change it on your mobile too!!

I am back...

I took a break this summer to hang with the kiddos, to reflect on this photography business, rethink the way I offer products to my clients, as well as how to make each of you happy with my work. Selling the studio last year was a game changer for me… it not only was scary to make such a huge change on where to put all my props but also made me think about what I can do to better my art.  It has been a wonderful summer but the kids went back to school today so my racing mind gets to start putting things in action. Bear with me on replies to emails and understand that even though my prices have slightly changed I am growing in knowledge and relearning the art of photography to better serve you. I am not just a girl who likes to take pictures… I am a professional photographer who loves my job and cannot wait get back behind the camera!!! - Kadee Willard

Aug 7, 2015

Size matters!

HEY!! It is almost time for the kids to get back in school and I have been working on making a few changes here at Paparazzi Photography... I can not wait to start taking FALL PHOTOS!! Check out this display guide I just finished up from one of my summer clients. What do you think?? BIGGER IS BETTER!!

So excited about the new products!!! 

book a session at 

Jul 26, 2015

Summer is almost over

no more shoot and burn... paparazzi products, pricing, and session fees are changing... if you are interested in booking a lifestyle session with Kadee please send an email to for full pricing and session fee info. Booking fall sessions soon!!

Jul 4, 2015

My girls.

Happy Independence day!!

a little duck face for ya... they are silly!!! 

Jun 17, 2015


This weather is crazy... I have had to reschedule many photo sessions due to the rain and want to THANK everyone for being so flexible and understanding. Working with me to get those sessions booked is so very appreciated. With it being ball season and my husband an HVAC guy sometimes it can get very tricky but everyone has been GREAT!! With that being said Paparazzi Photography will not be booking any NEW sessions until mid August. Megan and I hope you enjoy your summer basking in the sun!!! Thanks again, Kadee Willard

The Wunderly Family

 16x20 Collage

They have the best expressions!!