Oct 31, 2014


If you are interested in booking a photo session please plan ahead. Our online calendar isn't always up to date (I have three little people and sometimes I forget things) BUT we absolutely would love to take your photos... limited availability in Spring and Fall, mainly because it is beautiful weather and EVERYONE wants photos! :) If you try book three weeks in advance that makes it easy for everyone. Looking forward to new faces and new adventures in 2015!! Have an awesome HALLOWEEN! :)

The Given Family

Lexi is THREE!!!

Mommy and Colby

Oct 24, 2014

Why Paparazzi Photography???

It’s been awhile since I started up this little photography business and I chose the name Paparazzi Photography for a few reasons, 1. I take a lot of pictures… like rapid fire shooting. 2. I like shooting with other people so I always had a second photographer. 3. Kadee is who I am. photography is what I do. Kadee photography isn’t my thing.  

Last weekend Megan shot with me. We use two different cameras, with two different lenses and capture the same moment totally differently. It may sound confusing at first but after looking at the proofs I do believe everyone is happy.

Last weekend Megan and I got set up and I had a client who I have shot many times alone make the comment during a session “Paparazzi Photography, I just thought you were full of yourself” HA! I know she was kidding (at least I hope so ;) ) But it was her first time with both of us doing our thing.  Megan used a zoom lens and caught a lot of great candid shots and I was all up in the clients face with my portrait lens.

Photography is what I love… the art of it and being creative with light. I couldn’t be more pleased that other people pay me to capture moments for them.  It has taken me years to become the photographer that I am. A LOT of trial and error and mistakes made. BUT, I'm to the point that what is most important to me is to 1. Find balance in work and home life, 2. Document my clients in the best way possible. 3. Stop spending so much time editing and concentrate on what I love the most, giving my clients an experience and attention.
Yes Paparazzi Photography is changing. I sure hope you think it has gotten better over the past 6 years. I will continue doing my thing and who knows your next session might have two Paparazzi Photographers there :)

Have a lovely Friday!!! 
-Kadee Willard 

Oct 17, 2014

The Staton Family

It is fall...

This is the craziest time of the year for photographers... its so hard to say no to new clients but we only have a handful of open dates left this fall season. The leaves are changing and everyone wants in on the action. We will do our best to work with your schedule to book your photo session. The sooner you get a hold of us the better!! Please don't wait our 2014 calendar is almost completely full.

The Watts Family

Oct 1, 2014

Its been a while.

Hello everyone!! It has been one crazy summer... just now getting back into the groove of things. Kids are back in school and it is already OCTOBER!! If you have a facebook account follow our page... I update that pretty often. Have a lovely Wednesday.

- Kadee