Apr 16, 2018

Spring Mini 2018

This weather wasn't very "Springy" so I set up the studio for a fun mini session with chicks and ducks. Lots of happy little kids in front of my camera this weekend! Sneak peeks coming soon :)

If you want more info on MINI SESSIONS with me please visit my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com and click on CONTACT My mini sessions are very limited space due to being a natural light photographer. Looking forward to many more awesome memories with your kiddos!!

Apr 13, 2018

The Cox Family

What a better way to capture a family before dad deploys for 12 months... a family photography session.

Apr 9, 2018

Boudoir sessions - NOW BOOKING JUNE!

Send me a message from the CONTACT tab on my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com

Apr 5, 2018

Elopements and Intimate photography with Kadee

I love what God has taught me over the past ten years... I love what he continues to show me. Shooting weddings can be exciting and crazy but three years ago I decided no more. Too much time and energy goes into shooting big weddings and my life as a mommy and a wife were suffering... so I shoot small weddings and I love every. single. minute.

Please contact me through my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com if you have an upcoming special event that you would like me to capture so you can be in the moment and relive your day over and over with gorgeous photos.


My most recent adventure is opening a lifestyle photography studio April 2018. Focusing on my free-style approach of natural light photography sessions and adding a bit of studio lighting when necessary. Ten years of photographing lifestyle sessions from beautiful intimate boudoir photography to newborn and family sessions… I promise we will have a blast!


Mar 25, 2018

Prints are important

There’s something so incredible about custom art hanging in a home that feels 100 times more meaningful than images on a computer— really, your wall at home matters more than a Facebook wall.

Mar 14, 2018

This is why I do boudoir...

A little client love to share with you.

"I have debated on posting this, going back and forth worrying about what people would say and think. And I’ve come to the realization that I don’t care anymore and I wanted to share something with all of my girl friends who struggle with finding, knowing and believing in their true beauty! I have been struggling for a long time.....I have not been happy with my looks, weight, actions, behavior, et
c. I have honestly looked at myself lately and cried because I have been so angry and disgusted to even look at myself. After almost losing the best thing that has happened to me, it dawned on me that I had to change. I have to change. I have to learn to be happy with myself and love myself before anyone else can. In this journey, I met a photographer named Kadee Willard who has instantly changed my perspective of myself. She may have made the exterior look amazing, but what she pulled out from within will stay with me forever. This is not about promoting....I actually asked her if I could share this because I know many of my friends who are struggling. I’ve been there. I’m still there. I guess what I’m trying to say is do whatever it takes to change yourself, who pulls that beauty out and makes you see the gorgeous you! Women should be inspiring women, period. Go for it! Take the damn picture if that’s what it takes!!! And I have an awesome referral if you are interested" -VW

Mar 6, 2018

Spring Mini Sessions - April 14th

What a great way to start off the new year with the first mini session at Paparazzi Photography?? Updated photos of your kids enjoying all the fun spring has to offer, pretty flowers, bright sunlight and live animals! Candid photos are always a blast. Call me today to book your spot 913.731.0148

Feb 28, 2018

Empowering woman - Boudoir

When I was just a kid I remember my aunt telling my mom how well I was at taking compliments. She told me I was beautiful and I said “thank you.” I don’t remember how old I was but my parents have always said I have a presence when I walk in a room. I have the same insecurities as any other woman… but I am a 37 year old wife and mom that wants to show YOU how beautiful that you are.

It is kinda scary to hear sometimes and not everyones first reaction is THANK YOU when being told a compliment. You are beautiful. My goal in 2018 is to open a studio space and empower as many woman I as I can.

Part of my power comes from what I do with my camera. I help you see yourself from a different point of view, a different angle and produce images you will absolutely fall in love with. The other part of what I do comes from the experience… how you feel inside when you leave a photo session with me. I help show you your body in a new light. It is pretty amazing.

No one is perfect, bodies are strange… but we have to learn to love them.

I love empowering woman and changing lives. I have shown people that they are worthy of loving themselves, to focus on the good and let go of their insecurities. I love what I do. This is my mission: I will empower you and make you feel beautiful, give you an experience you want to tell people about, and create gorgeous works of art you are proud to hang on your walls. Come join me.

Boudoir by Kadee 913.731.0148

Feb 13, 2018

Studio opening this SPRING!!!!!

Happy birthday to me! I'm opening a lifestyle studio this spring! Focusing on boudoir but I will never stop shooting families, minis or newborns. Goal is to be moved in and ready to shoot the first of April! Here is one progress photo sneak peek... I'm getting so excited!

Image may contain: indoor

Feb 9, 2018


I love providing my clients with more than just images on a disc. Check out these necklaces... aren't they lovely?

Feb 6, 2018

Boudoir Parties - Now booking this SUMMER!!!

Alright so who wouldn't love to have some fun with the girls... hanging out in a fancy space, looking at lingerie, sipping on wine with your besties? Each of you getting pampered with professional hair and makeup while looking at all the products I offer... then a photo session with ME!! Sounds like a blast right?? Well guess who is booking boudoir parties at the studio for this summer?? Each session is only $199! 3 friends make a party! AND a week after we shoot we can have an ordering party and look at your proofs together. Each party member gets 5 digital images!! All galleries will consists of at least 20 proofs. Book 4 friends and your session is FREE!! 

Visit my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com and use the contact tab to contact me for more information. 

Jan 12, 2018

Do you follow me on Facebook?

If you don't... you should. Did you see my latest post? Seriously?? I am not sure how I would have reacted to those family photos... Besides laugh and think it was a joke. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL!! Unless you are cool not knowing what you are going to get. hahahaha

Have an awesome weekend. Follow me on facebook!

Jan 10, 2018

Before and After

When was the last time I posted one of theses?? Here is three for ya :) Happy Wednesday!!! 

Wedding photography on New Years Day at Cedar Crest Lodge https://www.cedarcrestlodge.com/

Jan 8, 2018

Good Morning

Each year I am blessed to have repeat families hire me to capture their moments. It is an honor to be asked back year after year to not only see how much the littles have grown but to stop life and turn it into art. Now that all of the celebrations are over and the new year has began I'd like to offer an Early Bird Special to VIP customers...

If you would like more information on how to become a VIP and take advantage of this offer  >>> to guarantee a family photography session with Paparazzi Photography any time in 2018 send me an email TODAY! From quick mini sessions to full lengthy "capture all the details of how awesome family is" photography sessions... plus digitals! Do it. Go to my website and send a message or CALL ME!

www.photosbypaparazzi.com or 913.731.0148

Jan 4, 2018

My little secret

I’m about to share with you the secret to self confidence I’ve discovered after being a photographer for the last 10+ years.
After photographing many many women for boudoir portraits, I’ve found one thing most women have in common before their photo shoot.
Most women show up to the shoot thinking they won’t look as good as the women on my website, that they need to lose 10 pounds first, that they’re “not photogenic,” or that they won’t love the photos of themselves. This is common, sadly, most women don’t believe in their beauty….yet.
I’ve also found one thing every woman I’ve photographed has in common at the end of their photo shoot… complete self confidence.
So what is it about a boudoir shoot that can change so many women’s perspectives of themselves?
I believe the answer is: investing in yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing yourself through somebody else's eyes (and lens).
In the beginning of each of my photo shoots, I show my client one of the first photos we take from the back of my digital camera. This photo is untouched, unedited, just straight out of camera.
I’ve had reactions ranging from disbelief, to thrilled shrieks, to happy tears.
This is the first moment of them believing in their beauty.
This truly is life changing stuff.
After this initial step my clients only gain more and more confidence throughout the shoot, it’s a complete blast.
The whole day feels like a fun girls day... and they end up with empowerment, raised confidence, and beautiful artwork from the day.

If any of this sounds good to you I’d love to get you some more information.
Boudior by Kadee Willard |  913.731.0148 |  www.photosbypaparazzi.com

Jan 3, 2018

Have you ever thought about Boudoir Photography?

I am running a special event at my studio in Prescott KS for YOU! Have you ever thought about having intimate photos taken but not sure how to go about finding the right person to take them? Well I have been shooting boudoir photography for over five years and I would love to invite you to the studio for this Valentines offer...

Call me 913.731.0148 or send me an email paparazzi_photo@yahoo.com

Dec 31, 2017


If you want to be part of the VIP clients who know all the details about sales and offers waaaaayyy before I post them online... send me an email. Hurry >>> go to my website www.photosbypaparazzi.com and click on CONTACT >>> it is that easy.

Offers on Early Bird specials, when I am planning mini sessions, big things going on at the studio, behind the scene awesomeness, and some model calls... Do not miss out. This is the fun part of being a Paparazzi client.

Happy New Year!! 2018 is going to be amazing!

~ Kadee Willard

Dec 8, 2017

THANK YOU 2017!!!!

I feel like Santa all the time... as I head to the post office and think about how much my business has changed in the last 365 days I cannot help but post about it on the blog. THANK YOU!!

I know there are many people out there that looooove my digital images, for all sorts of reasons... sharing online, putting the usb in a safety deposit box, printing as many times as you want. THANK YOU!

I have several clients that enjoy my products... wood boxes, huge framed prints, custom jewelry has been so fun this year, gallery canvas and metal prints. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!

All of you newbies have rocked my camera and  those of you who have stuck around over the past ten years and rode the roller coaster ride of great ideas by Kadee. You guys are so much more than clients. THANK YOU!!!

If you are planning on family photos or love my mini sessions... feeling sexy and want to celebrate your beauty... OH and everyone having a baby should call me. 913.731.0148


2017 has been wonderful but 2018 is going to be AMAZING!


Dec 2, 2017

Come see me next weekend!

Remember when I used to host the LOCAL LOVE event at my studio in Pleasanton? A handful of local talent set up in the studio and people came in to shop... VINTAGE ON BROADWAY is hosting a vendor event and man is it going to be awesome! I am going to set up a table with products and information about photo sessions (and then go shopping) Hope to see you there. Click on the link below to follow the event on Facebook!


Call me if you want more information 913.731.0148 www.photosbypaparazzi.com 

Nov 27, 2017

Cyber Monday!!!

Don't miss out on this awesome offer! Get in the books for your favorite mini session at a discounted price. Call Kadee today at 913.731.0148 or send an email paparazzi_photo@yahoo.com 

Offer ends at midnight! HURRY UP! 2018 is going to be so much fun!


Spring mini –   ($25 savings)
$125+tax per 20 min session – A sweet little setup outside of the studio for your children to enjoy chicks and ducks in a lifestyle/candid type photography session. This includes up to 8 high res digital images with print release downloaded from website within one week.

Unicorn mini - ($45 savings)
$145+tax per 20 min session – Whimsical airy vintage prettiness as the sun is setting is a beautiful field of green grass - includes up to 8 high res digital images with print release downloaded from website within one week. 

Fourth of July mini – American Flag Mini Session ($25 savings)
$125+tax per 20 min session – fun outside eating watermelons and popsicles in front of a big barn wood American Flag maybe even playing in the sprinkler afterwards - includes up to 8 high res digital images with print release downloaded from website within one week. 

Santa Mini Session – ($35 savings)
$135+tax per 15 min session – One on one time with Santa for 15 full min and no waiting in lines.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list please let me know asap. This mini includes up to 8 high res digital images with print release downloaded from website before Thanksgiving.


Nov 26, 2017

The Burns Family

So much fun!! Campfire mini session right outside of the studio in Prescott KS

Nov 25, 2017

Paparazzi Newborn Black Friday Special

Call 913.731.0148 to book your newborn session and hear full details. This offer expires at midnight Sunday Nov 26th. www.photosbypaparazzi.com

Nov 24, 2017

Black Friday Sale 2017


2017 Paparazzi Photography Black Friday Sale

Newborn Photography Session
Sessions consists of an in studio photo session up to 3 hours. Includes consult to plan your session before baby arrives, custom setup and backdrops, props, wraps and headbands, this is posed newborn photography with professional editing, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and 15 high res digital image downloads with print release you choose at your personal ordering session. Session also includes family, mom and baby, dad and baby, and sibling photos too! Please email with your due date to set up a newborn session phone consult after invoice is paid in full. I can only take a limited number of due dates a month so taking advantage of this offer will guarantee your studio newborn session! 
Cost- $400.00 paid in full by November 26th at midnight
Newborn Session will take place in 2018

Mini Session Special
Cost- $100.00 per session paid in full by November 26th at midnight
I plan several themed 20 minute mini sessions per calendar year and I want to offer you a guaranteed spot in the session of your choice by paying in advance now. Mini session fees range from $120-$150 depending on the themed session. Examples: Spring mini, Unicorn mini, Red/White/Blue (American flag barn) mini, Santa Mini, Christmas fireplace mini, and Campfire mini

Each session consists of a 20 min in or outside of the Studio. Includes professional editing, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and 10 high res digital image downloads with print release per session.
Depending on session the setup and total fee range from $120-$150 you SAVE by paying in advance with the BLACK FRIDAY OFFER!! Sessions will take place in 2018

Family or Child Photography session
Sessions consists of a 1 hour in studio or on location (within 20 miles of studio) Up to 5 people in the photos. Additional people are $25.00 each. Includes professional editing, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and at least 15 high res digital image downloads with print release chose at your ordering session. For outdoor sessions the time is tentative and could be moved up or back 30 minutes based on sunrise/sunset for the best light.
Cost- $285.00 paid in full by November 26th at midnight
Sessions will take place in 2018


Nov 20, 2017

Campfire Mini Sessions 2017

Updated family photos while drinking hot cocoa and making s'mores - www.photosbypaparazzi.com contact through my website or call 913.731.0148 for more info!

Dates available: November 22nd, November 24th, November 26th November 29th, December 1st and 2nd