Apr 24, 2016

Heirloom Jewelry

Customized wearable art. Such a wonderful gift to give and receive. 
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Apr 12, 2016

Somebody is getting a sister

Mommy and Daddy drove down to have their photos taken this weekend and the weather was perfect! Lots of wonderful light in the country. 29 days and Princess Parker will be here but her big brother isn't too sure about it.

I love my clients! Next thing I know we become friends and even though it is my job to capture memories and milestones I sure love watching these little ones grow.

Greyson and mommy enjoying ice cream and giggles on the front porch. 

Why I can't answer the question "What do you charge?"

WHAT DO YOU CHARGE? I get asked this question almost daily.  I can't answer it.  Honestly, I can't.  I need more information.  I mean I'm not crazy, I realize you want to know how much you can expect to spend but the truth is, YOU determine how much you spend.  I can't do that for you.  As a full-service photographer, I offer albums, framed wall portraits, canvas gallery wraps, folio boxes with matted prints, large prints & fine-art prints as well as digital collections! You name it, chances are we sell it.

Think of my business like you would any other retail establishment. Would you call a furniture store and say "What are your prices?" What would you expect the answer to be?  THIS is why I can't answer that question.  There are so many different options! 
I decided long ago, when I opened the studio, I would not take a photography job with no discussion with my clients, shoot it and then just hand out a disk.  Why? Because (for me) I feel like it's a HUGE disservice to my clients.  My mom has photos in boxes at her house of all of the craziness our family did when I was a kid, my grandma has shoe boxes full of memories and like 500 of the same picture. I just couldn't throw them away. Even after giving grandmas, moms, aunts and uncles, pictures I still had 300!

 I look back at that and wish I had had the experience of a custom portrait session; that someone would have sat down with me and explained this ... "These are YOUR children.  These images are for YOU to enjoy.  You don't need 5 8x10's and 50 wallets of the same picture.  You need 1 or 2 beautiful portraits to commemorate this time in their lives.  A piece that you can look back on, years down the road and be reminded of this age." For this very reason, I've chosen to treat my business as a retail establishment.  This means that I sell products, as well as service.  I don't want you leaving with a disk that you put in a drawer and never do anything with.

Before you even decide to hire me as a photographer, I invite you to a complimentary consultation.  This is when we discuss together, what YOU want out of your portrait session.  We discuss the different products and what they cost individually. It's about more than JUST having pictures taken.  It's about sitting down with me and discussing what type portraits you want and designing a wall gallery for your home.  It's about saying "I don't have much wall space, what else can we do?".  It's about YOU leaving with something tangible in your hands.  Even if that "something" is a digital collection, you will still walk out with a product we have created together and one that YOU have decided is best for you.  
And then, 10 years from now, you can glance up at that space on the wall and you will remember "That was right before she lost her first tooth".  You'll remember, "He had the funniest crawl! It was like a crab walk!". THAT is what I sell.  Reminders of moments, only you can decide how you want to be reminded.  

Please check out the website www.photosbypaparazzi.com or give me a call if you want to set up a time to chat.