Jan 30, 2016


If you are interested in our wedding photography please contact Kadee at 913-731-0148. We have a ton to talk about!

Jan 14, 2016

Love this

Hand crafted glass box with prints make such a lovely conversation piece. I am so excited to offer such beautiful keepsakes. If you are pregnant and want to book a newborn session please contact me asap it is never too early to plan your baby's photos.

Jan 8, 2016

Big changes...

 I was starting to find myself getting frustrated that others couldn’t see the value in what it is that I do. Taking pictures is only part of it and now a days EVERYONE has a camera. Some spend more money on theirs than others. I cannot compare with what they do nor do I want to. I love that everyone enjoys photography but when you hire me to capture images for you it’s not just a quick snap, throw on a filter and burn a cd. I pour my heart into all of my images and I decided last summer that I can’t just give my work away.

I love my job and each of you who step in front of my camera. You share your story with me and for that I am truly grateful. I have decided that I am no longer going to sell my digital negatives. Full service photography this year… not to brag or anything but you are going to fall in love with the entire experience. From the pre-consult to the ordering session and everything in between! It is going to be so much fun.

So for all of you who have stuck with me since day one please know that I cherish your memories and I know this is a BIG change but I promise if you decide to hire me you will love every minute of it! Cheers to 2016!!! I am so ready to start shooting. Please call for session info and check out the website its pretty awesome. www.photosbypaparazzi.com 

Jan 3, 2016

Lets do this.

I am so excited for 2016 photo sessions. This year is going to be different for Paparazzi Photography. I am going full service, offering some of the best high quality products on the market! No more digital files. Keepsakes and artwork for you to display throughout your home for years to come, from canvas to albums and everything in between. I am so excited to share this with you guys and cannot wait to start shooting!

.  I am limiting my shooting dates this year as well so if you plan on booking a session please do not hesitate to call 913-731-0148 and we can work on the details for your photo session.