Sep 29, 2017

Kyle + Kaycee

The light at the ball fields in Paola is amazing... and Kyle and Kaycee didnt have a problem working around my daughters softball schedule to meet me for their session. WIN/WIN!! Aren't they a cute couple??? 

Becky's Monkeys

These three did such an amazing job smiling for the camera for their Fall family mini session... we actually had time to be silly!

Sep 26, 2017

Studio Sessions

I am having such a great time with my new STUDIO space for newborn and babies all the way up to 18 months old. Want to know how to book a photography session? Please call me 913.731.0148 I would love to chat about how to customize your photo session to exactly what you need.

My People.

We all grow up with hopes to be whatever we want. I went to college knowing I was going to be a graphic designer, because somewhere along the way I had a teacher tell me, “do what you love and find a way to get paid for it.” I minored in photography because I loved developing film and watching my point of view come to life through images on paper. Then shortly after graduating everything became digital. I moved to Florida to be an art director of a magazine and started doing freelance.
Next thing you know my high school sweet heart came to my rescue and brought me back to Kansas where I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to my three young children until they all went to school full time. Then the game changed. Cost of living is hard on two steady incomes but one… well, that is almost impossible anymore. I started my photography business when my second child was only one and have learned so much over the past nine years.

I get it. Photography is a luxury and everyone has a camera on their phone or can go buy a dslr camera and call themselves a photographer all day long… but the truth is you get what you pay for. My goal is to give you an experience from start to finish that you rave about to your friends and makes you want to come back year after year. Capturing amazing images of your family as they are right now and turning those images into works of art. Heirloom products you keep for your grandkids to enjoy.

People invest in what they want. Some people do not understand the value of a creative business. Those people aren’t my people. It took me a while to realize who my people are. I thank each and every one of you who have stood behind me along the way and have encouraged me to make the life I have always wanted.

Call me if you want some info on how to book a photo session. I love talking about what I do. 913.731.0148 ~ Kadee Willard

Sep 21, 2017

Fall Family Photos

I know some of you aren't ready to let go of summer time (plus this weather is still pretty toasty) but lets face it... it is fall. The leaves are falling and the light is golden. What better Christmas gift to give then updated photos of your family? Heirloom products that last for decades.. moments your great-grandkids will forever cherish!

Believe me, I completely understand finding the time to book a photo session and actually appear as if you are enjoying yourself in the busyness of your schedule can be hard. My daughter pitches for a traveling team and her practices are twice a week 45 minutes from where we live... plus I have two other very active kids, so I feel ya.

That is why I set up these Fall Family Mini sessions. The light is amazing and the sessions are quick and fun! Everyone wins. Call me for more info 913.731.0148 or send me an email.

Sep 15, 2017

Taking it to the next level - Newborns

In April I decided to open up a studio for babies, using backdrops for my 18 month and younger cuties, as well as trying something new for Paparazzi Photography - I graduated from college with a graphic design degree so I am now mixing my passion for photography with my education to create stunning works of art  What do you think? 

Let's get REAL!

I saw this on a fellow photog's blog post and had to share. This is so true. Please read. Words from Kaydee Kelly...

So, the other day, Apple released a few new options for their phones.  We are apple folks, we have iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, AppleWatch, you name it.  We LOVE our apple products!  Are they cheap?  Nope, but why should they be?  You get so much out of your purchase.  Let’s talk about their stores!  I love their set up!  They have everything out on display for you to play with. You are ALWAYS greeted with a smile and a how can I help you?  They do everything they can to make your experience with them as enjoyable as it can be.  You can make sure that if something happens to your devices that they are protected, what a wonderful thing!
The iPhone X retails at $999, the iPhone 8plus is $799 and the iPhone 8 is $699. And those are for JUST the basic memory that comes with it. So, upgrade those bad boys and add another few hundred on.  Many of you, my clients and potential clients will be lining up to preorder it without thinking.
Now, I challenge yourself to think about how long this phone will last?  2-3 years?  Probably, after those few years it will start to get a little wonky, maybe not work exactly the right way and then, well, you’ll replace it.  Another $1000.
Let’s shift gears, you are about 3 months away from welcoming your first, second, third (or more!) child into your family.  These are moments in your life that are IRREPLACEABLE.  You don’t get second chances.
From birth...

to three months 

six months

nine months

to their first birthday

So much changes over the course of the first year, isn’t that worth just as much as the new iPhone X?  No, I take that back, it’s not worth just as much, it’s worth MORE.  A heirloom album full of your baby’s newborn portraits, or full of portraits over his or her first year will last a LIFETIME. Guaranteed. Does your iPhone have the same lifespan?  In 20 years, when your baby comes home from college, will that phone full of snapshots be working?  Will you know where it is? Will you be able to buy a charger for it so you can hopefully just take a glance at those photos? Will he or she even ask for it?
So here is my challenge to you, what are YOU making a priority in your life? Is it your phone, a purse, new shoes or is it EVERLASTING memories of your family?
Ask me how I can find the exact products that work for YOU and YOUR family. How can I preserve YOUR family’s memories. Ask how my clients feel when they walk into their consult and there is fresh fruit for them along with a welcoming hug. Ask them how it feels when they see their images for the first time on a big screen TV with the perfect music as they watch portraits of their baby’s nose, feet and fingers flash up on the screen. Ask them what their emotions were when they saw their first ever family portrait holding their baby.

Ask them what it’s like to walk into their home and see their portraits up on their wall every single day.  Or know that at ANY MOMENT, they can walk over to the bookcase, take out the beautiful album box and flip through their heirloom album that holds the precious memories of when their baby was so small he or she fit curled up into their arms.
I’m sorry, but no iPhone, iPad or MacBook can EVER do that for you. It just can’t, plain and simple.
So, I ask you again, what will you be investing in?  A piece of technology?  Or a way to forever memorialize when your children were young and depended on you, looked up to you, didn’t care whether your hair was washed that day (or that week!) and just plain worshiped the ground you walked on.  To me, those memories are priceless, and worth more than any piece of technology in this world.
Contact me today, let me show you how you can have all of this for years to come.
- Kadee Willard

Sep 11, 2017

Newborn photography

Do you know someone who is pregnant and wants professional newborn photos but they are not sure who to trust with their tiny baby... I would love to set up a photo session with mommys to be and talk about what it is that I do. Newborns make my heart happy. Look at this sweet little smiling baby doll!

Sep 10, 2017

FREE Maternity sessions

Are you due to have a baby in November or December? I want to take your maternity photos for FREE! Go to my website www.photosbypaparazzi.comand click on CONTACT then send me a message.


Oh how I love turning your images into an album that you and your grandkids children will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Call me today to set up a time to get together and chat about all of the gorgeous product Paparazzi Photography offers.

Sep 8, 2017

Fall Mini 2017 - Updated Dates

Seriously an AWESOME deal... $200 with the session AND digital images to print as many times as you want? Yep! Only 4 dates left so... so hurry up and call. Lets be honest >>> Your mom wants new updated photos of your family! Call me 913.731.0148

Family photos

When was the last time you had professional family photos taken? I know that now a days there is a camera on every phone and snapping a photo of someone being cute is a daily activity... but when was the last time you had a family photo session with a professional? 

Booking a session with me is all about the experience from start to finish. Meeting to plan the location, date, and look over the pricing and products you are interested in. From framed prints to hang on the walls to heirloom keepsakes to cherish forever; Paparazzi Photography offers it all. We talk about outfits, who does and doesn't like to be in front of the camera, where your family feels the most comfortable, and work out all the stress before we even shoot. 

The ordering session and reliving your photos is by far the most exciting part! Everyone loves to look at proofs... together looking at all the images captured the day of the shoot and seeing your reaction to the artwork I created makes my heart full and is why I love my job so much.

Family photo sessions seem hectic and you might walk away wondering if I got even one good shot... but I promise you that is my specialty - capturing moments as they are and creating beautiful artwork your grandchild's kids will enjoy for years. Remember in a world full of facebook posts and screenshots printing your photos is truly the best.

Call me and we can chat about your perfect idea for a family photo session. I love meeting new people, hearing about your story, what makes your family unique and would really love to work with you!! 913-731-0148

Happy Friday!!