Oct 20, 2015

Santa Mini

I just have a few things to get before I can start decorating! All of the messages have been sent if I am missing any documents from your file for our Santa Mini on Nov 14th. This is so much fun for me you guys have no idea. I love watching the magic happen each and every photo session... even the crying babies are just so sweet! We are going with Burlap and Lace this year. Neutral and rustic. Same ol' Santa :D so many memories being made. THANK YOU!!! I can not thank you enough for rocking my camera every year! OH HAPPY DAY << I sing that around the house when I get excited! Haha!! Have a great rest of your Tuesday.

The Burch Family

Oct 19, 2015

Joanna and her crew


I am the worst about taking photos and not printing them... CDs after CDs sitting on a shelf with good intentions on looking through them someday. Life is busy and years fly by. My son and first daughter have tons of prints of them as little people but my youngest after the first year most of her stuff is on a digital file (posted online to share of course but not many prints) I went to walmart yesterday and got a photo album (you know with the sticky pages) I filled that bad boy up!! Pretty proud of myself. I sure hope you print your pictures and find time to put them in a book. My kids looooooved looking at themselves last night. Of course there were "how old was I in this one mom?" ... one step at a time wink emoticon Happy Monday guys!! ~Kadee

Oct 15, 2015

Amber and her babies


When you book a photo session with me you are not just getting a quick shoot that I took with my "fancy" camera and images I dumped on a CD in hopes you print them one day. Technology changes and prints are important. Photos are important. I want you to be able to see your beautiful images every day >> even when the power is out or your phone is dead... your grandma wants updated photos of your family not a CD or a USB!! I know there are a lot of hobbiest out there that can shoot and burn your images same day... but that is not how I do things here at Paparazzi Photography :) you book a photo session with me next thing you know I am hanging out at your house hanging pictures on your wall so you can stand back and look at how awesome you are. Book a session for 2016 by sending me an email.  ~Kadee

Oct 10, 2015

Food for thought

It has long been acknowledged that family photos on display in a home help boost a child’s sense of identity and create a sense of belonging.
Each time a child walks by a family photo, which is countless times each day, a message is sent—
"You, my dear child, are important. You matter. You have a special place in this world. You are a part of this thing we call family and we love you."
I wonder what they think when they walk by a USB drive?

:) Let me know when you want to book a photo session. 2016 is wide open!! 

Oct 7, 2015

2015 is BOOKED!

I can not wait to start booking SPRING sessions for next year... It is so nice to have the calendar booked and the session fees paid just waiting on their date to shoot. I have got a lot going on over the next two months... mainly family sessions but SANTA IS COMING SOON!!! And that is one of my favorites. I love seeing the magicalness alllll day. Little kids light up when they see Santa :D

This is another random note for me... just excited that the change in pricing, products, and the way I run this business is working out so lovely. Everyone has been awesome and I am working the kinks out... 2016 is going to be amazing so if you want to book a session please... pretty please plan ahead.

Have a great rest of the week and smile a few more times then you usually do... it is contagious.